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Ownership Disclosure

We are delighted that you have chosen the Surgery Center of Des Moines for your elective surgery.  

The following physician’s have ownership interest in this facility:

Dr. David Ball
Dr. Tasha Beenken
Dr. Jennifer Booth
Dr. Eugene Cherny
Dr. Paul Conte
Dr. Nicole Davis
Dr. David Dwyer
Dr. Jeffrey Fagerland
Dr. Tami Fahnlander
Dr. Stephen Feltz
Dr. Mark Fish
Dr. Steven Goldstein
Dr. Bradley Hammer
Dr. Mohamed Hassan
Dr. Christopher Haupert
Dr. Timothy Holcomb
Dr. Lindsey Jenkins
Dr. Allen Kaufman

Dr. Julia Lange
Dr. Sarah Massey
Dr. Kelsey Millonig
Dr. Bernard Munro
Dr. Jamie Patel
Dr. Praveen Prasad
Dr. Steven Quam
Dr. Justin Raatz
Dr. Matthew Raecker
Dr. Clay Ransdell
Dr. E Michael Sarno
Dr. Sara Schaenzer
Dr. James Singer
Dr. Andrew Spellman
Dr. Andrew Steffensmeier
Dr. Gregory Yanish
Dr. David Yount

Due to physician investment in this facility, it is required by Iowa law that we notify you of the alternative facilities available to you.

Unity Point

Iowa Methodist Medical Center Mercy Medical Center – Central Campus

Methodist West Hospital Mercy Medical Center – West Lakes

Iowa Lutheran Hospital

*Addresses for these locations available upon request

Your physician may also be involved in the research and development of implants/devices.  Although your physician may have a financial interest in these products, if one is used in your surgery or in any procedure involving your surgeon, he/she will receive no financial incentive for that use.

Your physician may participate in one or more quality and efficiency programs operated by your health insurer.  These programs provide a financial incentive to participating physicians to achieve certain quality targets and to select cost effective, participating facilities for your care.  This facility is one such participating facility.  The incentive is in addition to the physician’s normal professional fee.  If your physician participates in such a quality and efficiency program and that program is applicable to your care at this facility, alternative referrals will be made by your physician upon request – you have the right to obtain the referred services or items at the facility of your choice, unless otherwise restricted by law.  If no request is made, you acknowledge herein that you consent to your physician’s choice of facility.